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Noodle is the guitarist and female vocalist in the Gorillaz. She joined the Gorillaz when they (presumably Murdoc) put an ad out for a guitarist, and Noodle arrived in a Fed-ex box. At first she could only speak Japanese and very few words of English. However, during the bands down-time in November 2003, Noodle went back to her home country and her amnesia was alleviated. She discovered she knew English fluently and was one of 23 children in a ‘super soldier’ project; thusly, she was a master of weapons, many languages, and musical instruments (specifically the guitar). Mr. Kyuzo headed the project and shipped Noodle to England so she may enjoy success. When she returned she began immediately working on the Demon Days album.

Vital Stats

DOB: October 31, 1990 (Age 19)

Place of birth: Osaka, Japan

Currently resides in: Stated to be in the Maldives, but was trapped in Hell as stated by band Bassist, Murdoc Niccals. In his recent review of Monkey: Journey to the West, however, he mentions he safely returned from Hell after rescuing Noodle. (The review can be found on the official web site news forum.)

Education: Unknown

Significant Other(s):

Family: Mr. Kyuzo (Noodle’s creator/mentor); Mike (pet monkey)

Tattoos/piercings and other notable features: None

Trademark look: Purple hair and fringe over eyes and rosy checks.

Eye color: Green

Height: (Not known yet)

Nickname(s): Her real name is unknown, she has been called Noodle because the first time she met with the rest of the band she spoke no English except for the word ‘noodle.’
Referred to as Luv, Darlin’, or Doll by Murdoc

Hobbies/outside interests: watching Miyazaki movies; Johnny Thunders; Richie Sambora


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